Satun Thailand Hotels and Resorts - Online Reservation Satun is peaceful, Clean and Pure Nature. The people’s life in datum is detemined by geography, climate,naturalresources, faith and social condetions, Most people in Satun earn their living by fishing a long the coast which is furtile with aquatic animals, some of them produce local handicrafts from natural raw material. Type of residence is the ambination between the southren region Thai and Muslim and "Chau-Lae" are native people who have their own faith...Satun

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Satun Central Mosque or Mambang Mosque It is a place for religious services. The mosque is in a modern style of architecture. Its white building is decorated with glazed tiles, marble, and glass.

Satun National Museum – Kuden Mansion During 1997 – 2000, the Fine Arts Department renovated the Kuden Mansion into a western two-storey brick building. Curved doors and windows are in the European architectural style of art. Its Thai-styled hip-roof is covered with Spanish terra cotta roof tiles. The top of the pediment is adorned with a star-shaped vent in accordance with Islamic architecture.

Khao To Phaya Wang Public Park. This park offers a distinctive atmosphere unlike other parks.

Wat Chanathip Chaloem. This is the first Buddhist temple in the town of Satun. The Ubosot (ordination hall) has distinctive features, unlike an ordination hall in general. It is a Thai-styled two-storey building. The first storey is a brick building used as a preaching hall. The second storey is a wooden building for religious practice by Buddhist monks.

Tarutao National Park. It is the first marine national park of Thailand. The park is renowned for its history and natural beauty. The area was declared a national park on 19 April 1974, and ASEAN Heritage Parks and Reserves by UNESCO in 1982. Attractions in the Tarutao National Park.
Muko Adang – Rawi. These are the islands located 40 km to the southwest of Ko Tarutao, or 60 km from the town of Satun.

Ko Adang. The island has an area of around 30 sq km, with a beautiful beach of fine sand. It is surrounded by small islands, and is an ideal place for skin-diving.

Ko Rawi. This island has an area of about 29 sq km, with a beautiful beach, crystal clear sea, and serenity.

Ko Sipe or Ko Lipe. There is a community of Chao Le or sea dwellers here. Most families earn a living by fishing. Most importantly, the villagers will built a boat from Rakam wood and perform a ceremony to float the boat, according to their belief in the prediction of their fishing.

Thale Ban National Park. Most of the areas are a complex of mountains and dense woods. Wild animals found here include serow, elephant, tapir, common wild pig, monkey, gibbon, and Khiat Wak, or Ma Nam (Giant Asiatic toad or Malayan giant toad). Attractions in the Thale Ban National Park.


International Kite Festival Held every year around February at the Satun Airport, around 4 km before the town of Satun.

Tarutao – Adang Fishing Club Fair Held every year around March.

Satun Marine Tourism Festival Held around December to mark the start of the marine tourism season in Satun.

Boat Floating Tradition To be observed by Chao Le or sea dwellers at Ko Lipe in Satun around the middle of the sixth and eleventh lunar months of every year. It is intended to dispel bad luck, as well as predict their fishing.


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